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Resource Guide

Course 1 Introduction to MMIS and LTSS 6-2019.pdf
Course 10 Submitting a Plan of Service 6-2019.pdf
Course 11 Authorization to Participate 6-2019.pdf
Course 12 The Appeal Process 6.2019.pdf
Course 13 Billing for your Time 6-2019.pdf
Course 14 Ongoing Role of the Supports Planner 6-2019.pdf
Course 2 Eligibility 6-2019.pdf
Course 3 interRAI 6-2019.pdf
Course 4 Community Settings 6-19.pdf
Course 5 Application Process 6-2019.pdf
Course 6 Being A Supports Planner 6-2019.pdf
Course 7 Personal Assistance and Budgeting 6-2019.pdf
Course 8 Service Definitions 6-2019.pdf
Course 9 Other Program Services 6-2019.pdf
ISAS Presentation for New SP Training 3-2018.pdf
Limited English Proficiency Policy.pdf
mdh Housing 101 Training 3.6.2018.pdf
mdh MFP Presentation  3.5.18.pdf
RE Presentation for New SP Training 3-2018.pdf
REM Presentation for CFC Supports Planners April 2016.pdf
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