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CO Provider Memo 4.10.14.pdf
CO Provider Memo 4.16.14.pdf
FY 2014 CFC Fee Schedule 1.6.14.pdf
FY 2014 HCBOW Fee Schedule 1.6.14.pdf
FY 2015 CFC Fee Schedule 6.27.14.pdf
FY 2015 CO Waiver Fee Schedule 6.27.14.pdf
FY 2015 MAPC Fee Schedule 6.27.14.pdf
General CFC Provider Memo 11.26.13.pdf
General Waiver Provider Memo 11.26.13.pdf
HCBOW Waiver Registry Changes.pdf
MAPC Independent Provider Memo 7.1.14.pdf
MAPC PA Provider Memo 11.26.13.pdf
Memo - Update_NF LOC Process for the MDC Service.pdf
Nurse Monitor Memo 11.26.13.pdf
Nurse Supervision Memo 1.6.14.pdf
PA Provider Memo 11.26.13.pdf
Personal Assistance Services Regulation Updates Memo.pdf
PT 47-16 FY 2017 Rates for Community First Choice and Community Personal Assistance Services Programs.pdf
PT 48-16 FY 2017 Rates for Home and Community-Based Options Waiver and Increased Community Services (ICS) Programs.pdf
Respite Provider Memo 11.26.13.pdf
SPA Community Settings Questionnaire Memo.pdf
SPA Letter - Participant Letters and Reinstatement of Hours 8.28.14.pdf
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