FY 2003 Transmittals


Provider Type #



MCO #32

Emergency & Proposed HealthChoice Amendments


MCO #33

MCO Disenrollment of Out of State Enrollees


MCO #34

Reporting Process for Termination of Provider Groups


Clinic #56

Billing MA for MD Healthy Kids Services


Hospital #179

Administrative Day Rates


Pharmacy #166

Changes to Pharmacy Benefits


Nursing Home #176

House Bill 752


Nursing Home #177

Nurse Practitioner Costs


Nursing Home #178

Proposed Amendments to Nursing Facility Services Regulations


MCO #35

Proposed HealthChoice Amendments


Pharmacy #167
Physician #125

Changes to Pharmacy Benefits

PT12-03 MCO #36 Long Term Care Facility Roles and Responsibilities When Admitting HealthChoice MCO Beneficiaries
PT13-03 Transportation Grants #2 Updated Air Ambulance Transportation Policy under the Transportation Grants Program
PT14-03 Waiver for Older Adults Transmittal #2 Direct Billing for Assisted Living Facilities
PT15-03 MCO #37 Adoption of Amendments to HealthChoice Regulations
PT16-03 MCO #38 Policy for Use of Medication Quauntity Limitations by Managed Care Organizations
PT17-03 Ambulatory Surgical Center #1 Billing Medical Assistance for Ambulatory Surgical Center Services
PT18-03 MCO #39 Transportation Requests for Medicaid Fee-for-Service and HealthChoice Beneficiaries
PT19-03 Waiver for Older Adults #3 Reinstating the Option to Submit Paper Claims to MDoA

PT21-03 Pharmacy #168 Photo ID Required for Schedule II Prescriptions
PT22-03 Pharmacy #169
MCO #40
Addition of Strattera (atomoxetine HCL) to the Mental Health Carve-Out
PT23-03 MCO #41 Coverage of Durable Medical Supplies/Durable Medical Equipment


Hospital #181 Private freestanding psychiatric hospital annual rate increase
PT25-03 Clinic #57 Billing Medical Assistance for Drug Abuse Clinic services related to methadone maintenance
PT26-03 MCO #42 Proposed Amendments to HealthChoice Regulations
PT27-03 Medical Day Care #45 Procedure code change for seeking medical reimbursement
PT28-03 Oxygen #24 Proposed Amendments to Oxygen & Related Respitaory Equipment Services
PT29-03 Waiver for Older Adults #4

Claims reimbursement process for services requiring preauthorization

PT30-03 Waiver for Older Adults #5 Case Manager Preauthorization of Waiver Services
PT31-03 Healthy Start Services #4 Healthy Start Procedure Code Change
PT32-03 Nursing Home #180 Amendments to Nursing Facility Services Regulations
PT33-03 Pharmacy #170 Discount Program, Copay Changes and Revised Calculation of Estimated Acquisition Cost
PT34-03 Nursing Home #181 Fiscal Year 2004 Interim Rates
PT35-03 Clinic #57 New Procedure Code for Billing Medical Assistance
PT36-03 Medical Day Care #46 Amendments to Medical Day Care Regulations – FY 2004
PT37-03 Waiver for Older Adults #6 FY 2004 Program Rate Increases
PT38-03 Waiver for Children with Autism #2 FY 2004 Program Rate Increases
PT39-03 Waiver for Adults with Physical Disabilities #4 FY 2004 Program Rate Increases
PT40-03 MCO #43

Emergency and Proposed Amendments to HealthChoice Regulations

PT41-03 General Provider #59 MCHP, MCHP Premium, and Family Planning Program Changes