Regional Institute for Children

   and Adolescents- Rockville Association, Inc.



The Regional Institute for Children and Adolescents Association, Inc. is a private, non-profit 501(c)(3) registered Maryland charitable organization whose mission is to provide funds for special programs and projects for the students at the John L. Gildner Regional Institute for Children and Adolescents (JLG-RICA).

The RICA Association helps JLG-RICA provide the best possible therapeutic, residential and educational environment for it's students by providing students with additional support.  There biggest fundraiser for JLG-RICA is their annual Fare... the Children's Golf Tournament.

What We Do...

The RICA Association does it's best to assist JLG-RICA in providing the best possible care to their youth and their families.  Their funds are used for a  variety of different activities and needs while students are still at JLG-RICA. When JLG-RICA students graduate, they are ready to function successfully in their home communities.  Yet some students have no support system to turn to when they first start out. The RICA Association helps those who do not have a home when they leave JLG-RICA.  Through a combination of programs, the RICA Association helps graduates with their first step.


Educational and Training Scholarships                           

Tuition scholarships for academic and vocational programs help students attend programs with materials and books in hand.  Without this extra bit of help, many students might abandon their hopes for further education. The RICA Association also funds college courses for RICA students who are still in high school.  These students have met almost all of their high school requirements but have only a couple of classes left.  In their “free” time, they can attend a local college and start on their prerequisites. 




First Step Stipends

When confronted with the costs of first starting out, many RICA graduates have nowhere to turn.  The RICA Association provides funds to help these young people cover their living expenses.



Everyday help and support

The RICA Association funds not only scholarships but also a wide variety of other things.  The RICA Association pays for many activities that the residential students participate in.  Some of the activities the Association has paid for in the past are book trips to Barnes and Noble, award dinners for clean rooms and good behavior, reinforcers, field trips, holiday gifts for students, summer activities and much more.  



Endowment Fund

Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and all the community support we receive, the RICA Association has been able to maintain its endowment campaign.  To offset budget reductions and expand services, the Association is building for the future by investing its funds for the future, too.  Interest from this account will be reinvested into the endowment fund as well as to support ongoing programs and projects at JLG-RICA.