​Records Transmittal and Receipt

A Records Transmittal and Receipt (also known as DGS Form 550-5) is an official document used as a notification for the Maryland State Records Center, as a shipping document, receipt, and warehouse locator. Only records listed on an authorized Records Schedule may be placed into Records Center storage. Transmittals may also be used to transfer permanent records to the Maryland State Archives in Annapolis but they must be entered on separate forms from records destined for storage. 

How to Complete the Records Transmittal and Receipt Form (DGS Form 550-5)

The following criteria must be met in order for records to be eligib​le for transfer to the Maryland State Records Center (SRC):

  1. Records must fall within a specific Item Number on the applicable MDH Records Retention Schedule.

  2. The event date that triggers the records retention period must have occurred. The event date is the date from which the retention period is calculated, i.e. audit requirements are fulfilled or the records have been held in office for the required time.

  3. Records have a minimum of one year of its retention period remaining. Records with less than one year of retention can be transferred to the SCR, but must remain at the SRC for a minimum of one year.

Next, complete DGS Form 550–5 Records T​ran​smittal. The Records Transmittal Form identifies the Records Retention Schedule, Item Number, and Item Description by box. The Records Transmittal also identifies the amount of space needed for records storage within the SRC.

When completing the Records Transmittal Form remember:

  1. One Box, One Item, One Year: Each box should only contain one disposal schedule Item with the same “trigger” date

  2. Transmittals may contain more than one item within a disposal schedule if these items have the same disposal date. 

Note: The SRC disposes of non-permanent records in January and July of each calendar year. When calculating a disposal date, the next available disposal date must be used for SRC retention purposes. Example: If records are scheduled to be transferred in April, the records will be disposed of in July of the year they are scheduled to be disposed of. The SRC may modify the disposal date based on when records are actually transferred to the SRC.

The records must be packed, organized, and labeled correctly. See How to Box Records.

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