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Administration of Nitrous Oxide and Local Anesthesia:

The new law and regulations allow dental hygienists to administer nitrous oxide after obtaining a Board permit. The new law and regulations also allows dental hygienists to administer local anesthesia to facilitate both dental and dental hygiene procedures. Click here for details.

Dental Board Elections - 2017 


Dental Radiation Technologist Regulations COMAR 10.44.19 



Learn how to better protect yourselves from Infection transmission in the dental setting 

Summary of Infection Prevention Practices in Dental Settings: Basic Expectations for Safe Care 



Maryland Law requires that each owner of a dental practice hold an active Maryland dental license to practice dentistry.

Click HERE to download the Ownership of a Dental Practice form.

Please fax 410-402-8505, or email mdh.mddentalboard@maryland.gov this form back to the Board within 7 (seven) days of renewing your dental license.

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Board Officers

·        President- Arthur C. Jee, D.M.D.
·        Vice President- Ali Behnia, D.M.D.
·        Secretary/ Treasurer- Arpana S. Verma, D.D.S.
·        Parliamentarian- Ronald F. Moser, D.D.S
·        Executive Director- Tony W. Torain, J.D.