​Initial Permanent Licensee Application Instructions

     If you have already begun the online application by creating a username and password during the registration process, click here to log in​.

Before You Begin, Gather the Application Documentation Required:

1. Download the Annotated Code of Maryland Health Occupations Article Title 10. (www.health.maryland.gov/botp/Pages/Legislation.aspx)

2. Download the Code of Maryland Regulations. (COMAR 10.46.01-07) (www.health.maryland.gov/botp/Pages/Legislation.aspx)

3. Gather your higher education information to include: name, month and year of graduation, and type of degree earned.

4. Upload verification of eligibility for certification from the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy. (https://NBCOT.org)

5. Upload verification from every state and/or country in which you are/were licensed.

6. Upload receipt of verification of your application for a Criminal History Records ​Check (State and FBI.)  Download and complete the application form​.  Bring this form with you to be electronically fingerprinted.  A list of fingerprinting providers and cost can be found at (http://www.dpscs.state.md.us/publicservs/fingerprint.shtml)   

7. Upload a “passport photo” of yourself.

8. Obtain a valid MasterCard or Visa Credit Card for payment.

9. Connect to a printer to print your receipt.

What is the Application Time Frame?  

Most applications are routine and can be expedited for approval by the Board office within 5 days of completion of the application process.

If you are a military veteran or spouse discharged within one year of your application, additional expedited services may be available to you.  

Additional information is available.


What Applications Do Not Qualify for Expedited Review?  

Applications with character/fitness/disciplinary history issues.

Applications with Continued Competency Requirement submissions that have not been pre-approved by the Board.

Applicants with a lapse in practice of three or more years. 


What is the Application Time Frame for a Non-Expedited Review?

Applications that do not qualify for expedited review may take up to 4 weeks for Board review.

Is It Possible that I May Have to Provide Additional Information?

Yes. If you have not practiced for 3 years or more, there may be additional CCR requirements.   (click here)

Furthermore, The Board may request additional information as needed.

Will I Receive a Paper License?  

No.  Licensure status may be verified in real time via the Board's verification page.

When Will My License Expire?  

If your license is issued in an even numbered year, your license will expire on 6/30 of the next even numbered year.

If your license is issued in an odd numbered year, your license will expire on 6/30 of the ​next odd numbered year.


How do I Apply for an Initial Lice​nse​?  

To apply online: 

  • Register online to create a Username and Password.
  • Complete the online application.
  • Pay the $200 application fee. 

Click here for a paper application​   
If you elect to complete a paper application, click here for to download the Board's
 jurisprudence exam​ and return the answer sheet only to the Board's office.​


Contact the office at 410-402-8556, mdotboard.user@maryland.gov