MCV’s Data

From program inception October 2008 to today 12,682 veterans and family members assisted through Maryland’s Commitment to Veterans (MCV) 

FY20 to date June 6, 2020

MCV responded to 735 calls through the toll-free line from veterans and their families, community providers, VA Maryland Health Care, and civic organizations.

73% of MCV callers were veterans. 13% were veteran family members, 12% callers were VA representatives, state agencies or civic organizations and 2% were general callers.

24% of callers were connected with behavioral health services either through the Behavioral Health Administration, VA Health Care System or Community providers.

Top Service and Referrals Provided by MCV – 18% Financial Assistance (123), 15% Behavioral Health Assistance (104) 9% VA Benefits Assistance (58), 8% Housing Services (57)

Maryland’s Commitment to Veterans Regional Resource Coordinators trained 750 people in Crisis Intervention Training (CIT), 1,720 in Military Cultural Competency Training (MCCT) and 530 in Veteran Behavioral Health. ​

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