Defining the Issue

The Issue

Cigarillo and little cigar products are deceptively marketed to target youth via their availability in a myriad of seemingly harmless flavors such as grape, peach, and chocolate. Sweet flavorings mask the harshness of tobacco and make the products more enticing; nearly 80% of underage high school cigar smokers in Maryland are now using flavored products. What’s more, little cigars and cigarillos are very cheap and can be sold individually, often costing less than an ice cream cone or candy. 

Many people inaccurately believe that cigars are a less harmful alternative, but just like cigarettes, cigars are hazardous to everyone and can cause lung, mouth, throat, and other cancers. All tobacco products , including flavored ones, are addictive and carry the same health risks as cigarettes.

  • What is a Cigar?

  • How are Cigarillos and Little Cigars Sold?

  • Youth Cigar Use in Maryland

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  • Fact Sheet:  Cigar Use Among Maryland Youth

  • Disturbing Facts:  Single Sale and Flavored Cigars

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