The Cigar Trap

Warning: Cigars Kill

Warning: Its a trap

It's a Trap...

There's a disturbing trend in Maryland- underage youth are smoking cigars - including cigarillos and little cigars - at the same rate as cigarettes. A majority of youth cigar smokers are using flavored cigars. Little cigars and cigarillos are attractive, accessible, and affordable for young people as they come in fruit and candy flavors, in brightly colored wrapping, are sometimes sold individually, and are less expensive - often costing less than an ice cream cone or candy. Sweet flavorings mask the harshness of tobacco and make the products more ​enticing.

Many people believe that cigars are safer than cigarettes. The truth is all cigars - including those that come in fruit and candy flavors - are addictive and cause cancer and heart disease - just like cigarettes. 

Don't let your kids fall into the trap that can lead to a lifetime of addiction! ​​