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    Health Professional Licensing in Maryland

    Website & Location
    Phone Numbers

    Phone 410-764-4766
    Toll-Free​ 1-800-530-2481

    Christopher J. Kelter, Executive Director Christopher.Kelter@maryland.gov

    Zoann Mouzone, Licensing Coordinator Zoann.Mouzone@maryland.gov

    Phone 410-764-4723
    Toll-Free​ 1-877-463-3464

    ​Jim Vallone, J.D., Executive Director James.Vallone@maryland.gov

    Adrienne Congo, M.S., Deputy Director Adrienne.Colngo@maryland.gov

    ​Phone 410-764-2965
    Fax 410-358-1879 
    Toll-Free​ 1-877-463-3464 ​

    Board of Dental Examiners

    Spring Grove State Hospital 
    Benjamin Rush Bldg. 
    55 Wade Avenue 
    Baltimore, Maryland 21228​

    Laurie Sheffield-James, Executive Director Laurie.Sheffield@maryland.gov 

    Leslie E. Grant, DDS ​Dental Compliance Officer​

    ​Dir. (410) 402-8500 
    Phone (410) 402-8501 
    Fax (410) 402-8505 
    Toll-Free 1-877-463-3464

    (410) 402-8538​

    Board of Dietetic Practice

    ​4201 Patterson Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21215​

    Marie Savage, Director Marie.Savage@maryland.gov

    Phone (410) 764-4741
    Fax (410) 358-1610 
    Toll-Free 1-877-463-3464 

    Ruth Ann Arty, Executive Director ​RuthAnn.Arty@maryland.gov

    Phone (410) 764-4793
    Toll-Free 1-877-463-3464

    Board of Nursing/ Electrology Committee

    4140 Patterson Ave
    Baltimore, MD 21215

    General Information
    Renewal Information

    Toll-Free 1-877-847-0626

    Pat Hannigan, Executive Director Pat.Hannigan@maryland.gov

    Phone 764-4750 
    Fax (410) 358-9187 
    Toll-Free 1-877-463-3464

    Board of Occupational Therapy Practice

    55 Wade Avenue Bland Bryant Building, 4th Floor
    Baltimore, MD 21228

    Donna Ashman, Executive Director​

    ​Phone (410) 402- 8556

    Fax (410) 402-8561​

    Patricia G. Bennett, Administrator dhmh.optometry@maryland.gov

    Phone (410) 764-4710
    Fax (410)​ 358-2906 
    Toll-Free 1-877-463-3464

    Board of Pharmacy

    4201 Patterson Avenue
    Baltimore MD, 21215

    LaVerne Naesea, Executive Director laverne.naesea@maryland.gov


    Info (410) 764-4755
    Exec. Dir. (410) 764-4794
    Fax (410) 358-6207
    Toll-Free 1-800-542-4964 ​

    Carlton Curry, Executive Dirctor carlton.curry@maryland.gov

    Phone (410) 764-4752
    Fax (410) 358-1183

    Board of Physicians

    4201 Patterson Ave
    Baltimore MD 21215​​

    Phone (410) 764-4777
    Fax (410) 358-2252 
    Toll-Free 1-800-492-6836 

    Eva Schwartz, Executive Director Eva.Schwartz@maryland.gov

    Phone 410-764-4785
    Fax 410-358-3083 
    Toll Free 1-877-463-3464 

    Tracey Deshields, Executive Director Tracey.Deshields@maryland.gov

    410-358-1610 Fax
    1-877-463-3464 Toll Free

    Lorraine Smith, Executive Director Lorraine.Smith@maryland.gov

    410-358-7896 Fax
    1-877-463-3464 Toll Free

    Jim Merrow, Executive Director James.Merrow@maryland.gov

    410-358-2469 Fax
    1-877-526-2541 Toll Free 

    Eva Schwartz, Executive Director Eva.Schwartz@maryland.gov

    410-358-3083 Fax
    1-877-463-3464 Toll Free

    Legislative & Regulations Specialist

    Kristen Neville

    410-358-1610 Fax
    1-877-463-3464 Toll Free

    Office of Health Care Quality

    55 Wade Avenue
    Catonsville, MD 21228

    Tricia Nay, Interim Director ohcq.web@maryland.gov

    1-877-463-3464 Toll Free

    James Merrow, Executive Director James.Merrow@maryland.gov

    Phone 410-764-3512

    Richard A. Proctor​, Executive Director ​Richarda.Proctor@maryland.gov

    Phone 410-764-5911