Forensic Services

Eastern Shore Hospital Center Forensic Services

The Eastern Shore Hospital Center provides outpatient evaluations and comprehensive inpatient forensic services. Forensic Services is a division of the Clinical Director’s office that is responsible for pretrial evaluations, the formation and operation of the Forensic Review Board, overseeing inpatient and outpatient forensic evaluation and treatment, and reviewing all requests for recommendations for privileges, conditional release, transfer of a forensic patient off his/her current unit, or discharge.  Comprehensive forensic evaluations are conducted on an inpatient and outpatient basis. 


Mission Statement

  • To provide comprehensive evaluation and inpatient treatment to patients court ordered to this facility.

  • To assist the court by rendering an opinion on an individual’s competency to stand trial and/or a determination of criminal responsibility.

  • To assist the court in determining conditions of release, and to provide support and direction to the treatment team in management and discharge of forensic patients to enable them to be released to the community.

As part of its mission, the Office of Forensic Services seeks to educate hospital clinical staff about forensic issues and procedures. The Forensic Review Board reviews all recommendations for transfer of a patient off his/her current ward, changes in security status, and conditional or unconditional release. The Forensic Review Board structure is designed to assure consistency in the ESHC conditional release program and in-hospital movement based on clinical and security assessment. The Forensic Review Board will oversee assessments and advise clinicians regarding management of forensic inpatients, security, levels, passes, privileges, and assessments of readiness to proceed to conditional release hearing.



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