Eastern Shore Hospital Center
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Department   Brief Description of Services Offered By Staff    Phone Number
Activity Therapy   Provide Art Therapy, Music Therapy, Therapeutic Recreation, and other educational programs to help patients improve coping skills, reduce stress, and live a healthier life.   410-221-2381
Admissions   Screen all requests for admissions, collect necessary documentation, and facilitate admissions when appropriate.   410-221-2307
Chief Executive Officer   Responsible for the day-to-day operations of the facility.   410-221-2525
Chief Operating Officer   Responsible for managing the physical plant of the facility.   410-221-2527
Clinical Director and Medical Staff   Responsible for the quality, appropriateness, and coordination of medical care.   410-221-2491
Forensic Services   Responsible for pretrial evaluations, the operation of the Forensic Review Board, and overseeing inpatient and outpatient forensic evaluation and treatment.   410-221-2491
Health Information   Maintain excellence in the management of health information of patients.   410-221-2503
Nursing   Provide psychiatric and somatic nursing care to promote wellness and discharge.   410-221-2427
Patient Rights Advisor   Provide information about rights individuals have while a patient in the facility.   410-221-2345
Peer Support Specialist
  Provide peer support to patients of ESHC and residents of the Assisted Living Program   410-221-2528
Personnel   Serve as first point of contact for members of the general public and staff to learn of job openings within the facility; assist operating departments in staffing the facility with competent employees.   410-221-2330
Psychology   Provide individual/group psychotherapy and psychological assessment; participate in treatment planning, contingency management, and data collection and analysis.   410-221-2334
Quality Improvement   Use fact-based, data driven information and analysis to create beneficial change, improvement, and accountability.   410-221-2418
Security   Provide a safe and secure environment for all patients, staff, and visitors.   410-221-2323
Social Work   Provide patients and family members education, individual/group/ family therapy, and discharge planning services.   410-221-2457
Staff Development   Provide staff with orientation and continuing education in the mental health clinical setting.   410-221-2421
Switchboard   Route all incoming calls to appropriate department.   410-221-2300
Treatment Mall Coordinator   Manage daily operation of Treatment Mall and Nanticoke Unit Programs.   410-221-2371
Volunteer Services   Plan, implement, and supervise a comprehensive Volunteer Services Program.   410-221-2357