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Eastern Shore Hospital Center Admission Information

All ESHC admissions are facilitated by the hospital's Admissions Coordinator. ESHC admits individuals from across the Shore who are  court ordered or referred by a detention center. ESHC also admits individuals who are residents of Dorchester, Wicomico, Worcester and Somerset Counties and meet medical necessity criteria for a psychiatric hospitalization. Patients’ diagnoses include schizophrenia, obsessive compulsive disorder, and bipolar disorder.

Upon arrival, patients are escorted to the Admissions Unit, also known as the Nanticoke Unit. This unit is a 20-bed co-ed unit that is structured to provide a safe and secure environment. Private and semi-private rooms are assigned based on clinical treatment needs, and it may be necessary to change rooms during a patient's hospital stay. In addition to a bed, each patient has a dresser and closet with limited storage. Privacy needs are addressed by privacy curtains that are placed between beds. Also on the unit are separate male and female bathrooms, showers, and tub rooms that are shared by all patients on the unit.

Common areas of the unit include a kitchen, day halls, visiting rooms, and outdoor courtyard. A pay phone is available on the unit, however the opportunity to use a more private phone will be provided by the unit social worker by request.

Shortly after admission, each patient has a treatment team assigned to his/her care that includes a physician, nurse, social worker, psychologist, activity therapist, dietitian, and pharmacist. Each patient receives medical attention, including pain management, when needed, and a treatment program is developed according to individualized goals. Each patient is encouraged to work with staff in making a discharge plan centered on recovery and management of one's mental illness.

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ESHC Unit Courtyard

ESHC Unit Kitchen

ESHC Unit Day Hall

Unit Courtyard

 Unit Kitchen

Unit Day Hall



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