Kognito is an online, avater-based gatekeeper training that allows users to simulate a conversation with a peer, student, or patient that is showing signs of psychological distress. The simulations enhance users’ confidence to have a conversation with the person at risk and make an appropriate referral to mental health resources. The training is available online, for free at The military module, Family of Heroes, is available at 

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST)

ASIST is a two day workshop that teaches participants to recognize someone who may have thoughts of suicide, intervene, and develop a safety plan.  


safeTALK is a half day training that teaches participants to become a suicide alert helper. Participants learn how to recognize someone who may have thoughts of suicide and connect the person at risk with a keep-safe connection.

Suicide Prevention Training: Recognize, Ask, Care, Encourage

The Suicide Prevention Training module provides basic information on suicide, including risk factors, protective factors, warning signs, and how to begin a conversation with someone you are concerned about. The module offers a brief opportunity to practice having a conversation with someone who is thinking about suicide and explains how to develop a safety plan and encourage the person to seek professional help. This course is designed for anyone who may come into contact with someone at risk for suicide and does not require a clinical background. The module is available here​.