Training and Education

​Maryland’s Suicide Prevention and Early Intervention Network (MD-SPIN) offers training for
behavioral health professionals, gatekeepers, and the general public. Click the links below to find out
more information about MD-SPIN’s training offerings:
          Find information and register for our upcoming trainings.
          Find information on trainings about suicide prevention that are tailored for counselors,
          psychologists, social workers, and other behavioral health professionals.
          Gatekeepers are individuals who may be more likely to encounter someone in crisis (family
          members, teachers, police officers, etc.). Gatekeeper training aims to teach community
          members to recognize the signs that someone is thinking about suicideand how to help them.
          This series, held once monthly over the lunch hour, covers special topics in suicide prevention
          and mental health. Continuing education credit is available for most talks.
           Take a self-paced course to learn more about suicide and its prevention.
          Watch recordings from our past webinars and lunch and learn talks.

MD-SPIN’s Training Policy: If you are late or leave early, you will not receive a CEU certificate.
Please be sure you can attend prior to registering. If you fail to cancel your registration with at
least one week's notice or do not show up to the training, you will be unable to attend any free
trainings hosted through MD-SPIN for 90 days.​