Governor's Commission on Suicide Prevention

Executive Order 01.01.2009.13 established the Governor’s Commission on Suicide Prevention (the Commission).

The work of the Commission is aligned with national suicide prevention efforts, especially in the State’s historic and continuing emphasis on youth suicide prevention.  The Commissioner’s Plan (the Plan) also puts forth a strengthened focus on preventing suicide not only with high risk groups like veterans, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning individuals, and persons who are unemployed but also at critical high-risk periods, such as following a​n unsuccessful suicide attempt.

The Plan’s three goals are:
  1. ​Increase and broaden the public’s awareness of suicide, its risk factors, and its place as a serious and preventable public health concern.  Increase evidence-based or best practice training opportunities for professionals; Increase awareness through community education; and Increase State policy and leadership efforts.
  2. Enhance culturally competent, effective, and accessible community-based services and programs;
  3. Assure effective services to those who have attempted suicide or others affected by suicide attempt or completion.

To read full 2012 report, please click here​.

Contact for additional information or questions: 
Kimberly Hiner, MPH
Program Administrator
Minority Health and Health Disparities
Phone: (410) 767-2301