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Information for Facilities Reporting to the MCR

Information and documents, below, will be useful to hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers, radiation therapy facilities, laboratories, and physician offices who must report to the MCR.

Reporting Requirements, October 2019

Reporting Requirements 2019

Appendix 6 - Casefinding Lists 2019

MCR Abbreviated Abstract 2022

MCR Guidelines for Reporting by Facility Type

MCR Modification Contact Form.docx

Guidelines submitting MU cases final


WebPlus Information for File Uploaders, March 2019

  Letter to File Uploaders 2019.pdf
  Web Plus User's Manual: Introduction.  

WebPlus For Uploaders Myriddian


Web Plus Information for Facility Abstractors--Direct Data Entry, March 2019​

  Letter to Facility Abstractors 2019.pdf
  Web Plus User's Manual: Introduction.pdf

WebPlus Training Manual for Facility Abstractors (from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)


MCR Incoming Abstracts -V18d


NPCR EDITS Software Tools


NPCR–EDITS Software Tools


User Manual

MCR GenEDITS  Plus User Manual.pdf

Hardcopy Submission Forms and Instruct​ions, March 2014

Hardcopy submission forms are submitted only by facilities which have fewer than 100 abstracts per year.  Facilities with 100 or more abstracts per year are required to be submitted electronically.






Remember that a copy of the pathology report must be attached to each abstract.


Contractor, Technical Support, and Assistance

Myriddian, LLC in Columbia, Maryland is the MCR contractor for data collection, data management, and quality assurance. For technical support and assistance, please contact the following number:

MCR Technical Help is available Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Phone: 1-866-986-6575 or 410-344-2851
Fax: 240-833-41111



Maryland Cancer Registry (MCR)
Myriddian, LLC- MCR QA/DM
6711 Columbia Gateway Drive, Suite 475

Columbia, MD 21046 
Phone: 410-344-2851

Questions may also be addressed to:
Maryland Cancer Registry
Maryland Department of Health
Center for Cancer Prevention and Control
201 West Preston Street, Room 400
Baltimore, MD  21201 
Phone: 410-767-4055​