Cancer Registry Advisory Committee Mission:  The Executive Order requires that the State Council on Cancer Control “oversee the transformation of the Maryland Cancer Registry into a tool for planning, evaluation, and targeting of cancer control programs through the Cancer Registry Advisory Committee.”

The Maryland Cancer Registry’s mission, adopted by the Cancer Registry Advisory Committee, includes:

  • Oversight of activities which will implement § 18-203- and § 18-204, Maryland Health-General Article.
  • Timely, cost effective, complete and accurate ascertainment of new cases of cancer among Maryland residents.
  • Computerization of cancer reports to facilitate ready availability, accessibility and analysis.
  • Preparation and dissemination of incidence and stage reports, which provide information on site, person, place and time.

The Cancer Registry Advisory Committee usually meets the second Thursday of February, May and September.  Please contact the Maryland Cancer Registry at (410) 767-7213 (or) email: for dates, times and location.​