Special Medical Waste

  • Also known as biohazardous, infectious, or regulated medical waste, special medical waste is waste that is likely to have been contaminated by an organism capable of causing disease in healthy humans
  • The Maryland Department of Health (MDH) regulations, Code of Maryland Regulations 10.06.06, define special medical waste and the criteria by which treatment methods are evaluated (as to whether the treatment creates a regulated or non-regulated waste product)
  • The Maryland Department of the Environment is responsible for permitting and regulation of all aspects of special medical waste transportation and also requires medical waste handlers to notify MDE of medical waste activity (search for 'Medical Waste' on the MDE Land Permit Applications and Instructions page

Note:  (Generators are only required to file a notification if they generate 50 pounds or more special medical waste in a calendar month or have more than 50 pounds of special medical waste on site at any time). 

Regulatory Updates

The Maryland Department of Health is reviewing and updating its regulations for Special Medical Waste at COMAR 10.06.06.  For more information, please contact the Environmental Health Bureau at mdh.envhealth@maryland.gov. 


NEW!!  The Maryland Department of Health has issued (November, 2019) a report on Managing Highly Pathogenic Medical Waste: Finding a Way Forward, based on an April, 2017 workshop at the University of Maryland.