​​Home Visiting Services for Children with Asthma

​Maryland has new programs to support families with a child with asthma.  

Families in the following counties may be eligible for in-home services to improve asthma, if the child:
  • Is 18 years old or younger and lives in Maryland
  • Has moderate to severe asthma (child has frequent asthma attacks or is on a daily long-term controller medication)
  • Is enrolled in OR eligible for Medicaid/MCHP

For more information, see program information for the specific county where the child resides:

For more information about the Case Management Program:

To find out more about this program or to refer a child for home visiting services, call the Environmental Health Help Line toll-free at 1-866-703-3266 or email us at:  mdh.healthyhomes@maryland.gov.

​For more information about lead, asthma, or other environmental health topics, call the Environmental Health Help Line toll-free at:

1-866-703-3266 or email​​