Public Pools and Spas

 Please note:  As of January 1, 2024, the Maryland Department of Health (MDH) will review applications for swimming pools and spas in accordance with the Maryland Swimming Pool and Spa Standards, COMAR 9.12.56.  Some local jurisdictions may have elected to review these plans in place of MDH. Consult with your local permitting agency about where to submit swimming pool and spa applications prior to submitting to MDH.  

Operating Permits

Public swimming pools and spas in Maryland are licensed and inspected by the local health department.  If you have questions regarding a license or an operating inspection please contact your local health department.​


COMAR 10.17.01, Public Swimming Pools ​​​and Spas​

COMAR 10.17.02, Automated External Defrillibrators for Swimming Pools

COMAR 10.01.17, Fees​

Click here f​or more information on MDH's process for reviewing and updating regulations.

Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Sa​​fety Act

Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act

VGB Aquatic Facility Review Form​

Accommodations for Disabled Individuals

Maryland pools and spas regulated by the Maryland Department of Health (MDH) are required to comply with disability access laws (COMAR It is the pool or spa owner's responsibility to ensure compliance with disability access laws.

Based on public feedback and discussions with the Maryland Office of the Attorney General, the MDH has simplified the process for owners of public pools and/or spas to document compliance with the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design. The new process simply requires the owner of the pools and/or spas to complete the affidavit, located below, and submit it to the local health department. All owners must submit the ADA affidavit by March 15, 2012, including those owners who previously submitted the ADA questionnaire.

Anyone needing to delay their submission of construction plans still has until September 15, 2012 to submit their plans for compliance and still needs to complete the compliance schedule for more time, located below, and submit it to the local health department by March 15, 2012. Any compliance schedule previously submitted to the Division of Community Services will be forwarded to the appropriate local health department for processing.

Federal ADA compliance requirements are separate from, and do not change, any of MDH's requirements or procedures related to construction permit applications. If a pool or spa requires alterations to come into compliance that would otherwise require a construction permit, the process for submission, review, and approval of that permit application remains the same, regardless of the owner's purpose in commencing construction. DHMH's construction permit review is to ensure that the proposed alterations meet State requirements for pool construction.


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