New Construction, Alteration, and Replacement

For Construction, Alteration or Renovation permits issued by the Center for Healthy Homes and Community Services, see Secretary Neall's Notice​ on extending the permit.​

The owner of a public swimming pool or spa must submit complete and detailed plans and specifications when constructing or altering the pool or spa or when replacing components. A construction, alteration or replacement permit is issued following approval of plans.

To ensure the public pool or spa is built or altered or components are replaced according to the approved plans, and to observe the circulation and disinfection systems in operation, a final construction inspection is conducted by DHMH–Center for Healthy Homes and Community Services. Upon approval of the final construction and compliance with COMAR 10.17.01, the local health department will issue an annual operating permit.

New Fees for Pool and Spa Plan Reviews

Effective October 2016, new fees for pool and spa plan reviews are in effect.  Please see the Public Pool and Spa Plan Review Explanation Chart to determine the appropriate fee.​