​How to Request Paternity Testing for an OCME Case:

  • A court order is required to release OCME Case specimens for paternity testing
  • The requestor is responsible for making arrangements with a laboratory to perform the testing
  • While the OCME does not make recommendations for selection of testing laboratory, some laboratories that have been used by requestors include:
    • DNA Diagnostics Center : 1-800-613-5768
    • Lab Corp : 1-800-742-3944
  • ​Once the court order has been received and arrangements made wth the testing laboratory, the OCME will ship the specimen directly to the testing laboratory
  • If you plan to initiate the process to obtain a court order for paternity testing, please notify the OCME at tox@ocmemd.org with the case name, date of death and case number (if available) to confirm that a suitable specimen is available for testing
  • Please contact tox@ocmemd.org with any additional questions regarding release of specimens for paternity testing