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​​**This website is intended for users of the LTSSMaryland system. If you are interested in learning more about Maryland Home and Community-Based Service programs please visit the Home and Community-Based Services homepage at


About LTSSMaryland

Welcome to LTSSMaryland Training!  LTSSMaryland is a software program supporting case management and service delivery for several Maryland Medicaid Home and Community Based Service programs. The goal of LTSSMaryland is to integrate service coordination conducted across multiple programs into a centralized tracking system. One of the many benefits of LTSSMaryland is providing a single-entry point for service coordination activities such as applications, assessments, and billing. ​

This area is designed to provide training material for all of LTSSMaryland, including the Provider Portal and the ISAS Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) system. To view training materials, select one of the links below.

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News and System U​pdates

April 2023- LTSSMaryland Newsletter 

Past Months: 

March  2023- LTSSMaryland Newsletter 

February  2023- LTSSMaryland Newsletter 

January  2023- LTSSMaryland Newsletter 


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LTSS Training Homepage

General – All LTSS Users​

  • General information about LTSS

Participant Case Management​

  • CO/CFC Supports Planner
  • DDA Coordinators of Community Service (CCS)
  • DDA Rgional Office (RO)
  • Rare and Expensive Case Management (REM​) 
  • Global referral
  • Authorization to Participate(ATP)
  • Progress notes
  • Activity billing
  • Eligibility
  • Community Settings Questionnaire (​CSQ) 

Local Health Departments

  • Nurse Monitoring
  • InterRAI and POCs

Medical Day Care (MDC)

  • Enrollment
  • Guides for SPAs
  • Guides for LHD
  • Guides for UAC
  • Guides for Providers
  • Provider Reports

Money Follows the People (MFP)

  • Peer Supports
  • Options Counseling 



  • CO/CFC – Personal supports
  • DDA- Personal supports/ Enhanced

  • Environmental Assessments (EA)
  • Home Delivered Meals (HDM)