FY 2013 Transmittals



Provider T​ransmittal No.


PT-01-13 July 6, 2012 ​​Nursing Home Transmittal No. 240 Fiscal Year 2013 Interim Rates
PT 02-13 Hospital No. 219.pdf
​July 6, 2012
​Hospital Transmittal No. 219
​Impact of FY 2013 budget Changes on Fee-for-Service Claims Paid
PT 03-13 Substance Abuse No. 5.pdf ​July 6, 2012 ​Substance Abuse Transmittal No. 5  ​Clarification of the Substance Abuse Transmittal No. 2
PT 04-13 NH No. 241.pdf
July 12, 2012 Nursing Home Transmittal No. 241
Reimbursement of Hospital Bedhold
​July 31, 2012​ ​Pharmacy Transmittal No. 197 ​Changes to the Prior Authorization Form for Preferred Tier 2 and Non-preferred Antipsychotic Medications
PT 06-13 Hosp 220 MCO 92.pdf August 10, 2012​ ​Hospital Transmittal No. 220
MCO Transmittal No. 92
​New Electronic 1184 Process: Hospital's Responsibility to Complete the Hospital Report of Newborns (DHMH 1184)
PT 07-13 NH 242.pdf ​August 10, 2012 ​Nursing Home Transmittal No. 242 ​Corrections to Fiscal Year 2013 Nursing Home Rates Transmittal
PT 08-13 Hospital 221.pdf ​August 27, 2012 ​Hospital Transmittal No. 221 ​Fiscal Year 2013 Medicaid Rates for Administrative Days
Pt 09-13 NH No. 243.pdf ​October 2, 2012 ​Nursing Home Transmittal No. 243 ​Modifications to Reimbursement​ Handbook
PT 10-13 HH 56.pdf ​October 2, 2012 ​​Home Health Transmittal No. 56 ​Preauthorization
PT 11-13 NH No. 244.pdf ​October 2, 2012 ​Nursing Home Transmittal No. 244 ​2012 Nursing Home Pay-for-Performance Scores
PT 12-13 NH 245.pdf ​November 16, 2012 ​Nursing Home Transmittal No. 245 ​Revisions to Fiscal Year 2013 Interim Nursing Home Rates Based on a Modified Occupancy Standard
PT 13-13 EPSDT 33.pdf ​December 11, 2012 ​EPSDT Transmittal No. 33 ​Additions to Healthy Kids Preventive Health Schedule and Clarification of Dental, Autism, Developmental and Lead Screening Recommendations
PT 14-13 Dental 45.pdf ​December 20, 2012 ​Dental Transmittal No. 45 ​Carve Out of the Coverage of the Hospital and Anesthesiologist Services from the Managed Care Organizations for Dental Services Performed in the Outpatient Department of the Hospital
PT 15-13 PC No. 50 and STEPS No. 10.pdf January 14, 2013​​ ​Personal Care Transmittal No. 50
STEPS Transmittal No. 10

​Billing guidance for the purchase of electronic devices to be used for completion of the interRAI-Home Care Maryland Assessment

PT 16-13  OAW No. 40, LAH No. 30.pdf ​February 11, 2013

​Waiver for Older Adults Transmittal No. 40

Living at Home Waiver Transmittal No. 30

​Rate Adjustment for Case Management Services
PT 17-13 Physicians No. 136.pdf ​February 21, 2013

​Physicians Transmittal No. 136

Managed Care Organizations Transmittal No. 93

Nurse Practitioners Transmittal No. 17

Nurse Midwives Transmittal No. 24

Clinics Transmittal No. 63

​Primary Care Fee Increase and Changes to Billing Codes for Vaccines for Children Administration (VFC) on January 1, 2013
PT 18-13 Laboratory Services No. 60.pdf March 6, 2013​ ​Laboratory Services Transmittal No. 60 ​Changes in Billing Procedures for Medical Laboratories with a CLIA Certificate of Waiver
PT 19-13 General Transportation Grants No. 10.pdf ​April 3, 2013 ​General Transportation Grants Transmittal No. 10 ​Clarification of provision of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation to Undocumented or Ineligible Immigrants
PT 20-13 Laboratory Services No. 61.pdf April 15, 2013​ ​Laboratory Services Transmittal No. 61 ​Billing for Drug Screen Services
PT 21-13 Medical Day Care No. 82.pdf ​April 17, 2013 ​Medical Day Care Transmittal No. 82 ​Revised Freedom of Choice Consent Form List of Enrolled Medical Day Care Providers
PT 22-13 FQHC No. 1.pdf June 6, 2013​ ​FQHC Transmittal No. 1 ​Reimbursement of Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives (LARCs)
PT 23-13 Hospital Program No. 222.pdf ​May 1, 2013 ​Hospital Program Transmittal No. 222

​Coding and Reimbursement for Dialysis Services in the Emergency Department of Hospitals

PT 24-13 Hospital Program No. 223.pdf May 13, 2013​ ​Hospital Program Transmittal No. 223 ​Retention of Medical Records
PT 25-13 Medical Day Care No. 83.pdf ​June 6, 2013 ​Medical Day Care Transmittal No. 83 ​Fiscal Year 2014 Medical Day Care Services Per Diem Rate
PT 26-13 Pharmacy No. 198.pdf June 17, 2013​ ​Pharmacy Transmittal No. 198 ​Expansion of the Peer Review Pre-Authorization Program of Antipsychotic Medications for Youth Less than 18 Years Old
PT 27-13 Personal Care Services No. 51.pdf ​June 18, 2013 Personal Care Services Transmittal No. 51 ​​Fee Schedule for Fiscal Year 2014
PT 28-13 LAH No. 31.pdf June 18, 2013​ ​Living at Home Waiver Program Transmittal No. 31 ​Fiscal Year 2014 Program Rates
PT 29-13 Waiver for Children with Autism No. 17.pdf June 18, 2013​ ​Waiver for Children with Autism Transmittal No. 17 ​Adjustment to Fiscal Year 2014 Program Rates
PT 30-13 OAW No. 41.pdf June 18, 2013​ ​Waiver for Older Adults Transmittal No. 41 ​Adjustment to Fiscal Year 2014 Program Rates
PT 31-13 Nursing Home No. 246.pdf ​June 18, 2013 ​Nursing Home Transmittal No. 246 ​Fiscal Year 2014 Interim Rates
PT 32-13 Medical Supply and Equipment No. 67, Oxygen No. 28.pdf ​June 30, 2013

​Medical Supply and Equipment Transmittal No. 67

Oxygen Transmittal No. 28

​COMAR 10.09.12 and 10.09.18, Disposable Medical Supplies, Durable Medical Equipment, and Oxygen and Related Respiratory Equipment Services
PT 33-13 Model Waiver Program No. 40, EPSDT No. 20.pdf ​July 1, 2013

​Model Waiver Program Transmittal No. 40

EPSDT: Private Duty Nursing Services Transmittal No. 20

​Private Duty Nursing Services Program Rates - Fiscal Year 2014
PT 34-13 Home Health No. 57.pdf ​July 19, 2013 ​Home Health Transmittal No. 57 ​Pre-Authorization