FY 2012 Transmittals



Provider Transmittal No.


PT 33-12.pdf ​June 22, 2012 ​Personal Care Transmittal No. 49 ​Fee Schedule for Fiscal Year 2013
PT 32-12.pdf June 20, 2012 ​Pharmacy Transmittal N​o. 197B ​Expansion of the Peer Review Pre-Authorization Program of Antipsychotic Medications for Youth Less Than 10 Years Old
PT 31-12.pdf ​June 20, 2012 ​Waiver for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Transmittal No. 16 ​Adjustment to Fiscal Year 2013 Program Rates
PT 30-12.pdf ​June 20, 2012 ​Model Waiver Program Transmittal No. 39
EPSDT: Private Duty Nursing Services Transmittal No. 19
​Adjustment to Fiscal Year 2013 Program Rates
PT 29-12.pdf ​June 20, 2012 ​Living at Home Waiver Transmittal No. 29 ​Fiscal Year 2013 Program Rates
PT 28-12.pdf ​June 20, 2012 ​Substance Abuse Provider Transmittal No. 4 ​Prohibition on reimbursing for outpatient services for adults admitted to residential programs tht meet the definitin of Institutes for Mental Disease under federal Medicaid rules
PT 27-12.pdf ​June 20, 2012 ​Waiver for Older Adults Transmittal No. 39 ​Adjustment fo Fiscal Year 2013 Program Rates
​June 20, 2012 ​Medical Day Care Transmittal No. 81 ​Fiscal Year 2013 Medical Day Care Services Per Diem Rate
PT 25-12.pdf June 4, 2012​ ​Waiver for Older Adults Transmittal No. 38
Living at Home Waiver Transmittal No. 28
​Attendant Care and Personal Care Credentialing
PT-24-12 ​April 17, 2012 Managed Care Organizations Transmittal No. 90 ​Revision of MCO Transmittal No. 86 (June 28, 2011)
PT-23-12 ​April 6, 2012 Hospital Transmittal No. 218 ​Inpatient Hospitalization of Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services
PT-22-12 ​February 29, 2012 Developmentally Disabled Individuals Transmittal No. 12 ​Changes to Supported Employment for Developmentally Disabled Individuals Pursuant to a 1915 (c) Waiver
PT-21-12 ​March 2, 2012 Living at Home Waiver Transmittal No. 27 ​Electronic Billing Option for Living at Home Waiver Providers
PT 20-12  03/02/12 Clinic Transmittal No. 62 Instructions for FQHC, OMHC, and LHD provider enrollment in Maryland Medicaid for those providers interested in participating in the Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Program
PT-19-12 ​March 1, 2012 ​Nursing Home Transmittal No. 239 ​PASRR– Update and Clarification of Resident Review Requirements Applicable to Nursing Facilities
PT-18-12 February 3, 2012 ​ ​General Transportation Transmittal No. 31 ​Updated Payment Rates for Air Transport
PT-17-12 ​February 1, 2012 ​Managed Care Organization Transmittal No. 89 Hospital Transmittal No. 217 ​ ​Preauthorization requirements for recipients with Third Party Insurance Coverage
PT 16-12  01/26/12 Medical Supply and Equipment Transmittal No. 66 Oxygen Transmittal No. 27 COMAR 10.09.12 Disposable Medical Supplies and Durable Medical Equipment (DMS/DME) and 10.09.18 Oxygen and Related Respiratory Equipment Services (OXY)
PT 15-12  01/06/12 Nursing Home Transmittal No. 238 2011 Nursing Home Pay-for-Performance (P4P) Scores
PT 14-12  12/21/11 HIV Targeted Case Management Transmittal No. 1 Revised rates and regulations for HIV Targeted Case Management
PT 13-12  12/19/11 Family Planning Program Transmittal No. 2 Coding and Reimbursement Changes for Family Planning Clinics
PT 12-12  12/19/11 Clinic Transmittal No. 61 Discontinuation of MQHC Provider Type
PT 11-12  12/02/11 Clinic Transmittal No. 60 New NPI and Medical Assistance Provider Numbers Required for Implementation of Physician Fee Schedule on January 1, 2012
PT 10-12  12/02/11 Hospital Transmittal #216 Living at Home Waiver Transmittal No. 26. Managed Care Organizations Transmittal No.88. Medical Day Care Transmittal No. 80 Model Waiver Transmittal No. 38 Nursing Home Transmittal No. 237 PACE Transmittal No. 4 TBI Waiver Transmittal No. 5 Waiver for Older Adults Transmittal No. 37 New cognitive assessment tool to assist in determinations of medical eligibility for nursing facility services.
PT 09-12  11/14/11 Hospital Transmittal #215 Utilization Control Agent Conducting Reviews of Undocumented or Unqualified Aliens for Emergency Services
PT 01-12  07/01/11 Nursing Home # 234; Hospital # 213; Medical Day Care # 78 DHMH 257-Revised Form and Process
PT 02-12  07/06/11 Nursing Home # 235 Fiscal Year 2012 Interim Rates
PT 03-12  09/07/11 Pharmacy Transmittal # 196 Peer Review Program for Mental Health Medications in Children and Adolescents
PT 04-12  09/14/11 Medical Equipment Transmittal # 65; Oxygen Transmittal # 26 Provider Enrollment Requirements
PT 05-12  09/14/11 Managed Care Organization Transmittal # 87; Substance Abuse Transmittal #3 Clarification of the substance Abuse Transmittal No. 2
PT 06-12  09/14/11 Physician Transmittal # 135 DHMH Compliance with National Correct Coding Initiative (NCCI) Edits
PT 07-12  09/21/11 Medical Day Care Transmittal # 79 Medical Day Care Services Waiver Freedom of Choice Consent Form
PT 08-12  09/21/11 Hospital Transmittal #214 Fiscal Year 2012 Medicaid Rates for Administrative Days