FY 2008 Transmittals



Provider Transmittal No.


PT 01-08


Hospital Transmittal No. 197

Medicaid rates for administrative days

PT 02-08


Dental Transmittal No. 40

Billing on American Dental Association (ADA 2006) claim form

PT 03-08


Home Health Transmittal No. 48


PT 04-08


Managed Care Organizations Transmittal No. 66

Proposed Amendments to HealthChoice Regulation and Primary Adult Care Regulations

PT 05-08


General Provider Transmittal No. 63

Tamper-resistant Prescriptions Required Effective October 1, 2007

PT 06-08


Managed Care Organization Transmittal No. 67

Amendments to HealthChoice and PAC

PT 07-08


Medical Day Care Transmittal No. 59

Fiscal Year 2008 Supplemental Payment to Medical Day Care Providers

PT 08-08


Pharmacy Transmittal No. 183

72-hour emergency supply; Prior authorization; NPI; Eligibility Verification; Tamper-resistant Prescription Pads

PT 09-08


Nursing Home Transmittal No. 207; Pharmacy Transmittal No. 184

Clarification of Tamper-Resistant Prescription Requirements for Nursing Homes

PT 10-08


Transportation Grants Transmittal No. 8; Hospital Transmittal No. 198

Transportation between Hospitals

PT 11-08


Managed Care Organization Transmittal No. 68

Amendments to HealthChoice and PAC Regulations

PT 12-08


General Provider Transmittal No. 64

Effective January 1, 2008 National Drug Code/Quantity Required When Billing for Drugs-Provider Reimbursement

PT 13-08 11/15/07 Managed Care Organization Transmittal No. 69 Amendments to HealthChoice and Primary Adult Care Regulations
PT 14-08 11/15/07 Dental Transmittal No. 41 Update of Maryland's Medical Assistance Dental Procedure Codes and Fee Schedule
PT 15-08 11/29/07 REM Transmittal No. 5; EPSDT Private Duty Nursing Transmittal No.13; and Home Health Transmittal No. 49 Preauthorization of Rare and Expensive Case Management (REM) Optional Services
PT 16-08 11/30/07 Nursing Home Transmittal No. 209 Use of DHMH 257 and 259 Forms; Supplemental Information to DHR-DHMH Action Transmittal No. 06-30; Special Instructions for Nursing Facility Residents Receiving Hospice Benefits
PT 17-08 11/30/07 Home Health Transmittal No. 50 Revised Home Health Fee Schedule
PT 18-08 12/11/07 Hospital Transmittal No. 199; Nursing Home Transmittal No. 209 Re-admission of Nursing Facility Residents on Hospital Leave After Hospitalization of Up to Fifteen Consecutive Days
PT 19-08 12/19/07 Pharmacy Transmittal No. 185 Atypical Antipsychotics Added to the Maryland Preferred Drug List; Zyprexa Step Therapy; Emergency Supply of Medications; and Carve-Out of Antiretroviral Drugs
PT 20-08 12/27/07 Model Waiver Program Transmittal No. 27; EPSDT: Private Duty Nursing Services Transmittal No. 31 Proposed Amendments to COMAR 10.09.53 Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment (EPSDT); Private Duty Nursing
PT 21-08 12/27/08 Home Health Transmittal No. 51 Proposed Amendments to COMAR 10.09.04 Home Health Services
PT 22-08 02/08/08 Medical Day Care Transmittal No. 60 Adoption of Amendments to COMAR 10.09.07 Medical Day Care Services
PT 23-08 02/08/08 Nursing Home Transmittal No. 210 Revised FY 2008 Interim Rates Adjusted to Incorporate Quality Assessments
PT 24-08 02/09/08 General Provider Transmittal No. 65 Required Features on Tamper-resistant Prescriptions Effective April 1, 2008
PT 25-08 03/13/08 Nursing Home Transmittal No. 211 Preadmission Screening and Residents Review (PASRR) for Non-Medicaid Patients
PT 26-08 03/26/08 Pharmacy Transmittal No. 186 National Provider Identifier Information for Prescribers of the Maryland Medicaid Program, the Kidney Disease Program, the Maryland AIDS Drug Assistance Program, the Breast and Cervical Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Program.
PT 27-08 05/29/08 Nursing Home Transmittal No. 212 Establishment of Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) as an Additional Nursing Service.
PT 28-08 06/10/08 Waiver for Children with Autisim Spectrum Disorder Transmittal No. 10 Fiscal Year 2009 Program Rate Increases.
PT 29-08 06/10/08 Waiver for Older Adults Transmittal No. 24 Fiscal Year 2009 Program Rate Increases.
PT 30-08 06/10/08 Living at Home Waiver Program Transmittal No. 9 Fiscal Year 2009 Program Rates
PT 31-08 06/10/08 General Provider Transmittal No. 66 HealthChoice MCO formularies on Epocrates after June 4, 2008
PT 32-08 07/01/08 Nursing Home Transmittal No. 213; Hospital Transmittal No. 200; Medical Day Care Transmittal No. 61 Medical Eligibility for Nursing Facility Level of Care
PT 33-08 06/20/08 Physicians' Transmittal No. 133 Proposed Amendments to Physicians' Services, COMAR 10.09.02
PT 34-08 06/23/08 Nursing Home Transmittal No. 214 Fiscal Year 2009 Interim Rates
PT 35-08 06/24/08 Dental Transmittal No. 42 Increase in dental rates
PT 36-08 06/30/08 Medical Day Care Transmittal No. 62 Implementation of the Medical Day Care Services Waiver
PT 37-08 06/30/08 Medical Day Care Transmittal No. 63; Living at Home Waiver Transmittal No. 15; Waiver for Older Adults Transmittal No. 25; Waiver for Adults with TBI Transmittal No. 3; Model Waiver Program Transmittal No. 28 Medical Day Care Services in Medicaid Home and Community-Based Waivers