​FY 2019 Transmittals

PT 02-198/21/2018
Fiscal Year 2019 Medicaid Rates for Administrative Days
PT 01-197/12/2018
Billing for Cochlear Implant and Auditory Osseointegrated Device Surgeries
PT 03-189/18/2018
Out of State Psychiatric Hospital Claims Billing
PT 05-199/24/2018
Frequency of Billing for Nursing Facility Services
PT 06-1910/18/2018
2018 Nursing Home Pay-for-Performance Scores
PT 04-199/24/2018
Census Submission Requirements
PT 07-1910/29/2018
Billing for Objective Health and Vision Screenings
PT 08-1911/13/2018
Hospice Payment Rates for Federal Fiscal Year 2019
PT 10-1912/10/2018
Medicaid Program Updates for Winter 2018
PT 09-1911/13/2018
Behavioral Health Services Available to Nursing Facility Residents, Including Specialized Services Under Pre-Admission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) Level II Requirements for Admission to Nursing Facilities
PT 11-1912/11/2018
Medicaid and CHIP Managed Care Final Rule Provisions Effective Jan. 1, 2019
PT 13-191/25/2019
Calendar Year 2019 Home Health Fee Schedule
Carve Out and Preauthorization of Spinraza and Cinryze
PT 17-195/1/2019
UB04 Institutional Billing - Discontinued Use of Type of Bill Frequency Code 5
PT 15-194/22/2019
 Payment for Presumptive and Definitive Urine Drug Testing
PT 14-194/18/2019
Attending Providers on Institutional Claims
PT 18-195/1/2019
Adult Dental Pilot Program
PT 21-196/28/2019
Fiscal Year 2020 Rates for Waiver for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Services
PT 19-196/5/2019
Information for FQHC’s Regarding the Adult Dental Pilot Program
PT 22-196/28/2019
Fiscal Year 2020 Medical Day Care Services Per Diem Rate
PT 16-195/1/2019
Acute Inpatient Hospitalizations: New Concurrent Review Process
PT 20-196/10/2019
Coverage of National Diabetes Prevention Program for HealthChoice Enrollees
PT 24-196/28/2019
Implementation of HSCRC Rate Adjustment
PT 23-196/28/2019
Fiscal Year 2020 Rates for Brain Injury Waiver Services
PT 25-196/28/2019
Fiscal Year 2020 Rates for the REM Case Management Provider
PT 26-197/1/2019
Fiscal Year 2020 Nursing Services Program Rates
PT 27-197/1/2019
Region Realignment; Fiscal Year 2020 Rates for Nursing Facility Services