FY-2014 Transmittals

PT 22-14 Home Health Transmittal No. 596/30/2014
Revised Home Health Fee Schedule
PT 20-14 Nursing Home Transmittal No. 2486/30/2014
Fiscal Year 2015 Interim Rates
PT 21-14 Home Health Transmittal No. 586/30/2014
PT 23-14 Nursing Home Transmittal No. 249, Hospital No. 2286/30/2014
Categorical Advance Group Determinations Under PASRR
PT 27-14 Medical Day Care Transmittal No. 846/30/2014
Fiscal Year 2015 Medical Day Care Service Per Diem Rate
PT 24-14 Community First Choice Transmittal No. 16/27/2014
Fiscal Year 2015 Community First Choice Program Rates
PT 25-14 Home and Community Based Options Waiver Transmittal No. 16/27/2014
Fiscal Year 2015 Home and Community Based Options Waiver Program Rates
PT 26-14 Medical Assistance Personal Care Program Transmittal No. 526/27/2014
Fiscal Year 2015 Rates
PT 19-14 Health Home Provider Transmittal No. 26/25/2014
Health Home Participant Discharge
PT 18-14 Hospital-based Opioid Treatment Program Providers Transmittal No. 15/25/2014
Billing Procedures for Weekly Methadone Treatment
PT 13-14 Clinics Transmittal No. 64, Family Planning Clinics No. 3, Local Health Departments No. 1, MCO No. 99, Nurse Midwives No. 25, Nurse Practitioner No. 18, Physicians No. 1375/15/2014
Update to Evaluation and Management Rates Effective January 1, 2014
PT 15-14 MCO No. 101, Laboratories No. 62, Substance Abuse No. 65/15/2014
Clarification of Substance Use Disorder Services
PT 16-14 Substance Abuse Transmittal No. 75/15/2014
Calrification of Substance Use Disorder Services and Student Interns
PT 17-14 Health Home Provider Transmittal No. 15/7/2014
Health Home Update- Participant Intake, Assessment, and Updates
PT 14-14 MCO Transmittal No. 1004/26/2014
Completion of the Maryland Prenatal Risk Assessment Form (DHMH 4850)
PT 11-14 Hospital Transmittal No. 227, MCO No. 97, ValueOptions No. 14/15/2014
Update in Procedure for Submitting Claims Reviews to the Committee
PT 12-14 MCO Transmittal No. 984/14/2014
Habilitation Services Definition and Coverage Effective January 1, 2014
PT 10-14 EPSDT: Nursing Services No. 214/1/2014
EPSDT Nursing Services Regulation Changes and Rates
PT 8-14 MCO Transmittal No. 9612/2/2013
Coverage of smoking cessation products and contraceptives
PT 5-14 Physical Therapy12/1/2013
Reimbursement for additional physical therapy procedure codes
PT 7-14 Hospital Transmittal No. 226, MCO Transmittal No. 9511/6/2013
Clarification of coverage of ancillary services for emergency room visits
PT 6-14 Hospital No. 225, MCO No. 94, FQHC No. 2, EPSDT No. 3411/6/2013
Thirty-one days of private coverage for newborns born to mothers with third party insurance
2013 Nursing Home Pay-for-Performance Scores
PT 3-14 Telemedicine No. 19/30/2013
Telemedicine Implementation
PT 2-14 Hospice Care No. 108/27/2013
Adoption of Amendments to COMAR 10.09.35 Hospice Care
PT 1-14 Hospital No. 2248/15/2013
Fiscal Year 2014 Medicaid Rates for Administrative Days