Water Notice


Representatives from the Maryland Commission on Kidney Disease have been working with the Maryland Department on the Environment (MDE) to communicate dialysis facility water system vulnerabilities during hyper chlorination of the water systems.

In response to this effort, MDE sent a letter to each municipal water supplier in Maryland requesting that the water supplier notify the dialysis facilities in event of any water quality changes or water service interruption. The MDE letter also puts the water suppliers on notice of the dialysis facilities responsibility to notify them of their contact information annually, and request to be notified of water quality changes, treatment changes and water outages.

In addition to the regulatory requirement for facilities to notify their water supplier, in writing, on an annual basis, the Commission urges each dialysis facility to communicate with their municipal water supplier on a periodic basis. A list of the suppliers is on the Commission’s website: . The Commission recommends that each facility review the website listing to verify their supplier and to take steps to communicate with their water supplier by providing their location, contact information and their individual requirements.

Please see *Letter from the Water Supplier* here:
and the *List of Community Water Supply* here: