Office of Quality Systems Quality Assurance, Safety and Training, Accessioning Laboratory, and Maintenance Unit

Office of Laboratory Quality Assurance

​The Office of Laboratory Quality Assurance monitors and evaluates the Administration’s conformance to the highest standards for scientific data and laboratory services. It also oversees the Administration’s Continuous Quality Improvement. This Division also publishes, develops, and updates State regulations that help ensure quality testing in all medical labs serving Maryland residents.

Office of Laboratory Safety

The Office of Laboratory Safety oversees employee safety, maintains safety records and publications, conducts safety inspections, provides safety training, and oversees the disposal of hazardous chemical waste.

The Office of Laboratory Training coordinates continuing education opportunities for employees that include access to the Administration’s library, seminars and teleconferences, job-related workshops, formal coursework and career plans at local universities.
Accessioning Laboratory

The Accessioning Laboratory performs duties associated with the first part of the pre-analytical phase of laboratory testing. Specimens/samples are received, sorted, and tests ordered in the laboratory information system, Starlims. Accessioning Laboratory staff performs quality assurance monitoring and documentation of problem resolution activities.

  • Maintenance Mechanic:
  • Antonio Vanlandingham
  • 443-681-3794