​​DDA Eligibility Application Process

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Per Maryland requ​irements, to be eligible to receive services from the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA), you must have a disability which keeps you from meeting  your daily activities independently and meet specific criteria.

In order for the DDA to determine whether a person is eligible, the person or someone acting on their behalf must complete the DDA application process.  The process includes completing the DDA Application for Eligibility, submitting supporting documentation, an interview by a DDA representative, and a DDA determination.

How to Apply

​To apply for services through the DDA, please visit our main Eligibility Application, or our Low Intensity Support Services (LISS) application​.

The DDA Applicaton f​or Eligibility

The eligibility application process, with steps DDA Application, Supporting Documentation, Interview, and Determination. 

A person can complete the DDA Application for Eligibility​. If needed, an individual can request assistance in completing the DDA  Application for Eligibility.  To request assistance, please contact the Regional Office​. The application can also be downloaded from the DDA’s website, mailed to you, or you can pick one up from any of DDA’s four (4) regional offices located in Central,​ Eastern, Southern, and Western Maryland.  Once the application is submitted, you should receive a letter in about 5-7 business days informing you of the date your application was received. If you don't receive a letter, please call the Regional Office.

Interview - Face to Face Assessment

After the initial request for assistance or the application has been received, a DDA representative will contact you to schedule an interview and review the information.  The DDA typically assigns an independent case manager referred to as a Coordinator of Community Services (CCS) to assist with the application process.  The CCS will submit the application or updates to the application, supporting documentation, and information obtained during the interview to the DDA  Regional Office

DDA Eligibility Determi​​nation

The DDA Regional Office will assess all the information to determine whether the applicant meets either of the DDA eligibility categories - Developmentally Disabled or Supports Only.  They will also determine a priority category - Crisis Resolution, Crisis Prevention, Current Request, or that services are needed in the future.  If needed they will consult with a subject matter expert.

​​Developmentally Disabled Eligibility means:

  • ​The person has a physical or mental impairment, but not just mental illness, or it can be a combination of mental and physical impairments
  • It will probably continue forever
  • It started before the person turned 22
  • You need supports or assistance to live independently; and
  • You need the support of a team to help with your services and treatment.

Support Only Eligibility means:

  • ​The person has a physical or mental impairment, but not just mental illness, or it can be a combination of mental and physical impairments; and
  • It will probably continue forever.

Prio​​rity Categories

  • Crisis Resolution means the person is in crisis or emergency situation (for example - abuse, neglect, homeless)
  • Crisis Prevention means the person is or will be in a health or safety crisis within the next year
  • Current Request means the person needs/wants services; health and safety are not the immediate issues
  • Future Needs means the person does not have a need for services within the next three years.

Applicants and their representatives will receive a formal letter from the DDA stating the eligibility and priority category determinations.  The letter includes information related to requesting a reconsideration and appeal rights.


  • DDA eligibility for services does not mean that the DDA is able to provide funding to address your needs. It means that when designated funding for your priority category is available and you have the greatest need, your CCS will be informed and will assist you with the DDA Waiver application process.
  • It is important for you to keep the DDA updated on any changes in your circumstances or contact information including phone numbers, addresses, and caretakers.

​DDA Eligibility Application Process - At A Glance

  1. ​Contact DDA or submit Application to DDA
  2. Regional Office assigns a CCS
  3. CCS performs face-to-face assessment
  4. Regional Office will ask consultant to review as applicable
  5. DDA Regional Office reviews eligibility Application
  6. CCS provides Regional Office with report and supporting information
  7. Regional Office makes final determination & notifies applicant​​​

                        A step-by step diagram of the DDA eligibility application process. The steps are listed as Contact DDa or Submit Application to DDA, Regional Office assigns a CCS, CCS performs face-to-face assessment, Regional Office will ask consultant to review as applicable, DDA Regional Office reviews eligibility application, CCS provides Regional Office with report and supporting information, Regional Office Makes final determination & notifies applicant

Next Steps

​​​An approved DDA Eligibility Application will result in a Waiting List placement. When funding becomes available in a waiver, you will need to complete the Medicaid Waiver Application process​ in order to enter services.