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MDH employees should use Gmail to reserve 201 W Preston Street Conference Rooms (100, 124, 200, 222b, 225, 300, 401, 418, 505, 545, L1, L2, L3 & L4, and 300 Preston Conference Room 409).  Non MDH employees are only allowed to schedule Lobby Level Conference Rooms (L1, L2, L3 & L4).    Any questions please contact at 410-767-6809..



Central Services Division

The Central Services Division (CSD) is the unit within the Maryland Department of Health (MDH) that plans, coordinates, organizes, directs and controls a variety of centralized services. The CSD is committed to providing quality operational and support services to the employees of the Maryland Department of Health (MDH). CSD manages Building Services, Central Warehouse, Fleet Management, Forms Management, Inventory Control, Life Safety. The Division also administers special projects for the Department such as the convenience copier service, modular furniture installations, office renovations, onsite storage of records, forms and printed material, oversees the parking permit program, shredding of sensitive material, compliance and the reporting of the State recycling program, space planning, and State and private leasing of office space. CSD also acts as the liaison between the Department and other State agencies for these related services.

Building Services

Building Services monitors and coordinates all building services/maintenance activities for the Department's headquarters units located throughout the Baltimore metropolitan area, including creating, tracking, issuing, and completing preventive and on-demand work orders for a speedy resolution to malfunctions and needs within facilities, property management and moving services, i.e., employee office relocation, furniture relocation, office/building renovations.

Central Warehouse

Shipping and Receiving:  Central Warehouse receives and processes all inbound and outbound shipments for the MDH Headquarters units. Inventories all incoming computer equipment, office furniture and supplies, ensures all purchases are accounted for and entered accurately into the MDH inventory system. Processes outgoing packages via USPS, and/or UPS ground shipping.

Supplies Storage and Distribution:  Maintains and distributes State supplies such as Department letterhead, envelopes, copy paper, and forms to support the day-to-day operations of MDH headquarters units. Provides limited storage space for supplies of various administrations within MDH.

Forms Distribution:  Maintains an adequate supply of required State forms for all administrations withinMDH. Also provides distribution of packages and supplies to various MDH health facilities and county health departments throughout the State. 

Fleet Management

Fleet Management has oversight authority for over 1,000 vehicles in 73 sub-fleets located at headquarters, MDH health facilities, and county health departments throughout the State of Maryland.

This unit functions as the liaison for the purchasing of vehicles with the Department of Budget and Management, and for the disposal of vehicles with the Department of General Services.

Fleet Management issues and maintains vehicle maintenance and fuel cards for headquarters administrations. All vehicle insurance claims for MDH are processed through this unit.

As required by the Department of Budget and Management, Policies and Procedures for Vehicle Fleet Management, Section 7.5, the MDH Accident Review Board, hosted by Fleet Management, reviews and reports on all MDH vehicles involved in accidents and makes recommendations for appropriate action, if necessary.  

Forms Management

Forms Management administers the Department’s forms library. Receives and verifies all requests from MDH administrations and county health departments to add new, change existing, or remove forms. Forms Management bases approval for requests on COMAR.

Tracks changes to forms and collates annually to submit to the State Department of General Services using the Forms Management Activities Report DGS 550-12.

Insurance Control

Insurance Control coordinates the Department’s insurance claims with the Insurance Division of the Maryland State Treasurer’s office and the interested parties for insurance claims concerning the Department. Submits the Department’s insurance survey (Property, Equipment, Automobile, and Fine Art) annually to the Insurance Division.  


The inventory program administers and maintains the inventory of all fixed assets, supplies, and real property within the headquarters units for the Department. Receives and verifies the Equipment Receiving and Disposition forms. Verifies all necessary fields are completed and inputs them into an assets tracking program. Ensures units within MDH verify their sensitive inventory annually and do a complete physical inventory every three years. Send out inventory tags and forms to units upon request.

Life Safety 

The Central Services Division (CSD) works in conjunction with the Department of General Services to plan and perform emergency evacuation exercises for the 201 and the 300 West Preston Street Buildings. These exercises are necessary to ensure that MDH employees are familiar with work area evacuation plans in the event of a real emergency. CSD is also committed to providing a clean and safe work environment for Department personnel.

Mail Services 

Mail Services oversees the incoming and outgoing of the Department's mail. This unit receives, sorts and processes the Department's mail to and from the United States Postal Services, MDH inter-departmental units and other State Agencies.

Records Management 

Records Management oversees the Department's records. Reviews and verifies all headquarters units transfer requests to the State Records Center and Maryland State Archives to include relevant form(s), records, and historical documents.  

Schedules and provides transportation of records that have been approved to be consigned to the State Records Center and Maryland State Archives. Reviews all headquarters, MDH health facilities, and county health departments’ requests to destroy records to ensure that records are consistent with the current records schedule.   

Functions as a liaison between headquarters, MDH facilities and county health departments and the State Records Center and Maryland State Archives. Assists through the complete process in the formation and the submission of record schedules until final approval is received from the State Archives.


Central Services Divisions Points of Contact
Points of Contact
Building Services: https://health.maryland.gov/Centralservices/

Information: 410-767-6809
Fleet Management: 410-767-5832
Forms Management: 410-767-3598
Inventory Control: 410-767-3598
Life Safety and Security: 410-767-6849
Records Management 410-767-3598
UPS Shipping: