Frequently Ask​ed Questions

​1. Where can I get help if I don't have any way to pay for my psychiatric medications? ​

You can contact medical assistance. And some of the pharmaceutical companies offer some medications free if your doctor documents that you need the meds and can't pay for them. For further assistance, the local Core Service Agencies may be able to assist on an emergency basis and can provide some assistance in finding other resources/supports.

2. If I believe my family member is in need of psychiatric treatment, how can I get them help?

Any family physician may be able to provide some confirmation that there is a problem, and depending on the results of that assessment may be able to prescribe some medication or make a referral if more specialty intervention is needed. If the family member is unwilling to seek help and appears to be a danger to themselves or to others, you can go to local court and seek an Emergency Petition, where if the judge agrees an assessment is needed, will sign the Petion and then law enforcement will pick up the individual and take them to Emergency Department for evaluation. See web page section, "where can I get help" for other information.