Child,Adolescent and Young Adult Services (CAYAS)

BHA’s Child, Adolescent and Young Adult Services (CAYAS) division is charged with developing a system of care for young people and their families ranging from early childhood all the way through to the time when young people reach the age of majority and legally become adults. The system of care is designed to meet the needs of individuals within this age range who have mental health conditions, substance-related disorders, and those who have both. The division evaluates the network of services that BHA funds for this age group and has the responsibility for statewide planning, development, administration and monitoring of provider performance to assure the highest possible level of quality in the delivery of services. The division also manages a number of special projects and is responsible for working with all other child serving agencies at both the State and local levels to assure a highly coordinated and individualized approach to care.​
Director Dr. Maria Rodowski-Stanco 

Deputy Director Joana Joasil, LCPC