​​Maryland Behavioral Health Advisory Council​

Authority and Purpose​

Pursuant to the Annotated Code of Maryland, Health General 7.5 - 305, and federal Public Law (PL) 102-321, the State of Maryland has established the Maryland Behavioral Health Advisory Council to promote and advocate for: 

(i) planning, policy, workforce development, and services to ensure a coordinated, quality system of care that is outcome-guided and that integrates prevention, recovery, evidence–based practices, and cost-effective strategies that enhance behavioral health services across the state; and

(ii) a culturally competent and comprehensive approach to publicly-funded prevention, early intervention, treatment and recovery services that support and foster wellness, recovery, resiliency, and health for individuals who have behavioral health disorders and their family members.​


The by-laws are currently under review by the Maryland Behavioral Health Advisory Council.


The Maryland Behavioral Health Advisory Council consists of 28 In-Statute Ex-Officio Members (or designees) representing state and local government, the Judiciary, and the Legislature; 13 members, appointed by the DHMH Secretary, representing behavioral health provider and consumer advocacy groups; and 14 representatives that include a diverse range of individuals who are consumers, family members, professionals, and involved community members.

Membership Roster


Makeitha Abdulbarr The Maryland County Behavioral Health Advisory Councils


Barbara L. Allen Community Advocate

Dori S. Bishop Family Member

Karyn M. Black The Maryland Association of Core Service Agencies (MACSA)

Anne Blackfield The Maryland Department Of Disabilities

Lori Brewster The Maryland Association of County Health Officers

Kelby Brick The Governor’s Office of Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Mary Bunch Family Member (Child)

Laura Cain The Maryland Disability Law Center

Sara Cherico-Hsii The Office of the Secretary, Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

Kenneth Collins The Maryland County Behavioral Health Advisory Councils

Jan A. Desper Peters The Black Mental Health Alliance, Inc.

Catherine Drake The Maryland Division Of Rehabilitation Services

The Hon. Adelaide Eckardt Maryland State Senate

Kate Farinholt The National Alliance on Mental Illness of Maryland

Robert L. Findling Academic/Research Professional

Ann Geddes The Maryland Coalition of Families for Children’s Mental Health

Lauren Grimes On Our Own of Maryland, Inc.

Elaine Hall The Maryland Health Care Financing, DHMH

Shannon Hall The Community Behavioral Health Association of Maryland

Christina Halpin Consumer (Youth)

Carlos Hardy The Maryland Recovery Organization Connecting Communities

Dayna Harris The Maryland Department of Housing & Community Development

Virginia Harrison The Maryland Association of Boards of Education

The Hon. Antonio Hayes Maryland House of Delegates

Japp Haynes, IV Consumer

James Hedrick The Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention

Michael Ito The Maryland Department of Juvenile Services

Gayle Jordan-Randolph The Office of the Deputy Secretary Behavioral Health , DHMH

Joel E. Klein Medical Professional

Sharon M. Lipford Community Advocate

The Hon. George Lipman The Maryland Judiciary District Court

Theresa Lord Family Member (Child)

Dan Martin The Mental Health Association of Maryland, Inc.

Jonathan Martin Maryland Department of Budget and Management

Dennis L. McDowell Family Member

Stephen T. Moyer The Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services

The Hon. Dana Moyland Wright The Maryland Judiciary Circuit Court

Kathleen O’Brien The Maryland Addiction Director’s Council

Yngvild Olsen The Maryland Association for the Treatment of Opioid Dependence

Mary Pizzo The Office of the Public Defender

Charles Reifsnider Consumer

Keith Richardson The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence of Maryland

Catherine Simmons-Jones Medical Professional

Brandi Stocksdale The Maryland Department of Human Resources

Penelope Thorton Talley The Maryland Department of Education

Tracey Webb The Governor’s Office for Children

Ellen M. Weber The Drug Policy and Public Health Strategies Clinic, University of Maryland Carey School of Law

John Winslow The Maryland County Behavioral Health Advisory Councils

Michelle Wojcicki The Maryland Health Benefit Exchange

Phoenix Woody The Maryland Department Of Aging

Albert Zachik The Maryland Behavioral Health Administration


Ms. Greta Carter

Office:  (410) 402-8473

E-Mail:  greta.carter@maryland.gov