Work Study Subsequent Application Forms


During the program you will need these APPLICATION(S)
If you continue participation in the work study program, you will be required to submit subsequent application requests. The subsequent application packets must contain the documentation that is required for your first/initial application request. However, to continue participation in the program, you must submit an Academic Progress Form and the required supporting documentation.

If you discontinue participation in your Work Study Program before obtaining your degree or certificate for one year, you will be required to commence repayment of your accrued obligated service. The repayment date will start on the date determined by the Training Services Division. After you have repaid the obligated service, you will not be eligible to participate in the program after one (1) year.
            1. Work Study/Release Program Checklist

            2. Work Study/Release Program Academic Progress For​m
              Work Study Form Instruction Sheets3.pdfInstructions.pdf
              a. Timesheet Report or Copies of Timesheets for previous work study/release session
              b. College Transcript listing grades for previous work study/release session​
            3. a. Course description listing dates/times offered
              b. Program acceptance letter from the institution or facility if a ​change occurred
              c. Letter from institution or facility providing internship, grant assistantship, practicum or clinical if applicable
              d. Supervisor’s Approval Letter​
            4. Work Study/Release Program Obligated Service Agreement​​​​