Alive!Maryland, Building Capacity to Improve Health

About Alive! Maryland

The Maryland Department of Health engaged with HealthHIV, a national capacity building organization, to launch Alive! Maryland, the first-ever co​mprehensive capacity building initiative for the infectious disease and primary care workforce in the state of Maryland.  Alive! Maryland stands for Assess, Learn, Integrate, Visualize, Engage — representing each phase of the program.  Alive! Maryland is a motivational call to action to build capacity to improve health in Maryland's HIV, viral hepatitis, STIs, and harm reduction workforce.  This initiative serves Maryland providers with a web-based, self-paced Virtual Training Insititute, many free CEU opportunities, direct training and technical assistance, resource development, an Ending the HIV Epidemic forum and resource library, and more.

All resources, training offerings, and tools will be housed on a user-friendly and accessible website at

Alive! Maryland Project Model includes HealthHIV Project Team, Advisory Board, and Health Services Research Review Panel 

​​​About the Alive! Maryland Project Model

Alive! Maryland is structured to meet the training, technical assistance, and capacity building needs for the state of Maryland's infectious disease and primary care workforce.​


​​​Professional Development Online

Access Point is a web-based, self-paced Virtual Training Institute, designed with Maryland providers in mind. These trainings provide many CEU opportunities and can be taken at your convenience.  Trainings are open to Maryland-based health care workers, especially those in the infectious disease and primary care fields. 

To access the trainings, visit​. ​​
Point to Pint Technical Assistance Services
Submit a TA or CBA Request

Alive! Maryland's Point-to-Point Team is here to make technical assistance (TA) and capacity building assistance (CBA) come ALIVE in Maryland.  Point-to-Point is the TA and CBA resource for the state of Maryland's infectious disease and primary care workforce as you continue to protect, promote, and improve the health and well-being of all Marylander's and their families.  

T​o learn more about the TA and CBA offerings, or to submit a request, visit​

Funding Opportunities