Current Maryland Weekly Source Control Metric​ for Healthcare Settings

​How to Use the RESP-NET Interactive Dashboard​

  1. Select a topic of interest
    To use the RESP-NET interactive dashboard, select a topic to see specific data trends. Topics include age group, race and ethnicity, sex, state, and season. Hospitalization rates can be viewed as weekly or cumulative rates.
  2. Select a filter of interest
    Data can be filtered by pathogen, age group, race and ethnicity, sex, season, and state. Filters vary by topic, as not all topics have filters available.
  3. Select different ways to view the data
    The data can be displayed in a graph, which is the default view, or as a table. Right click anywhere in the graph and select “Show as a table” for a tabular view. Hovering your mouse over or selecting a data point or bar in the graph will display detailed information. Some graphs allow you to hide or show data from the legend for detailed analysis.

 RESP-NET CDC Interactive Dashboard