By an act of the General Assembly approved by the Governor on May 5, 1959, Maryland authorized the creation of a “Maximum Security Hospital” to be built in Jessup. The maximum-security area of the hospital constructed in 1959 was built on two levels with six wings jutting into a recreation yard and surrounded by a large wall. Between 1972 and 1984, three additional wings were added: the Rehabilitation Wing, the Administration Building and an eighty-bed Medium Security Wing. In October of 1994, the Stuart B. Silver Wing was completed. This wing houses the admission ward five residential wards, a medical clinic, dining facility, multi-purpose room, conference center, family visiting rooms, and gymnasium.  This wing replaces the original 1959 structure. In 2003 the Rehabilitation Wing received a major renovation and is now one of the most modern and impressive in the state. The hospital is situated on a forty-five acre tract in Jessup on Dorsey Run Road.

Clifton T. Perkins Hospital Center (CTPHC) is named after a distinguished psychiatrist who arrived in Maryland with a mission to reform conditions in our public hospitals. Dr. Perkins brought about the desegregation of Maryland psychiatric hospitals, despite considerable public opposition and with the necessity of federal court action.

Stuart B. Silver, for whom the Silver Wing is named, is a past director of the Mental Hygiene Administration and former Superintendent of CTPHC. He was committed to the goals of CTPHC and enormously supportive in its undertakings.

Clifton T. Perkins Hospital Center is a maximum-security psychiatric hospital, and is part of the Maryland Department of Health. We provide a comprehensive program for the evaluation and treatment of mental illness, with emphasis on assessment, treatment and recovery. The hospital program is structured to facilitate recovery through a graduated release process that begins in maximum security and culminates in release to the community.