Quality Assurance Program

The development of an ongoing quality assurance program for therapeutically certified optometrists was mandated by legislation in 1995. The Quality Enhancement and Improvement (QEI) Committee of the Maryland Board of Optometry was appointed by the Secretary of the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene to implement a quality assurance program to ensure the quality of care provided by therapeutically certified optometrists. The goals of the program are to protect the citizens of Maryland and educate, enhance, and elevate the standard of eye care in the state. Current areas covered in the quality assurance program include:

  • Record Review
  • Adverse Reaction Monitoring

Record Review

Within the state’s Health Occupations Boards and Commission program, the Board of Optometry is the only board that is required to implement proactive peer review of patient records. As a pioneering program, the Maryland Board of Optometry has the only record review program of all the optometry boards throughout the country.

TPA regulations provide that on an annual basis, the Board shall select a minimum of 10% of all therapeutically certified optometrists at random to submit copies of their TPA patient records for review by the QEI Committee. Each year 10% of active TPA certified optometrists are randomly selected for peer review of their TPA patient records. The purpose of the record review program is to enhance the education of optometrists and to review the appropriateness and efficacy of TPA usage and practice. To date, the QEI Committee has reviewed over 2,000 patient records.

Adverse Reaction Monitoring

Therapeutically certified optometrists are mandated to report any adverse reaction resulting from the administration of any therapeutic pharmaceutical agent or from the removal of a superficial foreign body from the eye. The Board must receive reports within 10 working days of the occurrence. The QEI Committee reviews the reports to determine whether situations were handled appropriately.

Quality Enhancement and Improvement Committee

Andrew Doyle, O.D., Chair, Board President
Kelechi Mezu-Nnabue, O.D., Board Member
Sunni Houston Scott, O.D.
Valerie Seigson, O.D.
Michelle Kupfer, O.D.

QEI Committee Meeting Schedule 2017

Board of Optometry Examiners
4201 Patterson Avenue
Baltimore MD 21215

The regular session of the meeting is open to the public

April 27, 2017 Room 105 4:00 p.m.
October 19, 2017 Room 105 4:00 p.m.