Office of the Governor Wes Moore

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July 2, 2024
​C​ontact: Brittany Ma​rshall

Governor Moore Announces $4 Million in Federal Funding to Advance Innovative and Equitable Health Care Through the AHEAD Model 

ANNAPOLIS, MD — Governor Wes Moore today announced that the Maryland Department of Health and the Health Services Cost Review Commission received grant funding from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to support Maryland’s implementation of the federal States Advancing All-Payer Equity Approaches and Development (AHEAD) Model. The funding and new model will enable Maryland to build on its unique all-payer hospital rate setting system, with a broader focus on support for primary care, population health, and health equity.  

"Maryland is ready to lead on health care. Today, we deepen our commitment to affordability and accessibility-—and we hope other states will follow our example," said Gov. Moore. "Our state is deeply grateful for the extraordinary collaboration of both our congressional delegation and our community champions, who have rallied the cause for decades. In partnership, we will continue to make Maryland more affordable for all."

AHEAD drives health care transformation both by improving total population health and lowering costs across all payers—including Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurers. The model supports the delivery of high-quality care, greater care coordination, and advanced health equity by supporting underserved patients. AHEAD will also increase resources to support primary care and transform health care in the community. 

Maryland’s request for AHEAD Model Cooperative Agreement funding focused on health equity and health-related social needs. The grant award includes funding for: 

  • Regional community-based population health hubs to support community-level population health investment and efforts to address health-related social needs;
  • Community grants to address population health and health-related social needs; and
  • Technology for statewide coordinated health-related social needs screening and referral.
“Participation in the federal AHEAD Model and receipt of this cooperative grant agreement funding advances our vision of empowering all Marylanders to achieve optimal health and well-being,” said Maryland Department of Health Secretary Dr. Laura Herrera Scott. “Through AHEAD, we intend to promote health equity, ensure high-value care, and improve access to care for Marylanders.”

Maryland will begin implementing the AHEAD model on January 1, 2026. 

“As the end of Maryland’s Total Cost of Care Model approaches, participation in the federal AHEAD Model will enable Maryland to continue and deepen our long-term commitment to improving statewide health equity, healthcare quality, and health outcomes - all while controlling cost growth,“ said Health Services Cost Review Commission Executive Director Jon Kromm. 

For more information about the AHEAD Model in Maryland, visit  hscrc.maryland.gov/Pages/ahead-model.aspx