Maryland Money Follows the Person

Rebalancing Long Term Care in Maryland
Money Follows the Person (MFP) in Maryland will help people transition from an institution, for example a nursing facility, to community living in an apartment, private home, or small group setting. MFP initiatives increase outreach to individuals in institutions and decrease barriers to transition. New efforts under MFP include peer mentoring, enhanced transition assistance, improved information technology, housing assistance, flexible transition funds, and the addition of waiver services to existing waivers.
For additional information, including the detailed Operational Protocol, please follow the links on this page, or contact the Project Director by email:

Balancing Incentive Program (BIP)
The Federal Balancing Incentives Program (BIP) provides money to Maryland in an effort to increase access to community based long-term services and supports (LTSS).  BIP assists Maryland in transforming the long-term care systems by lowering costs through improved systems performance and efficiency, creating tools to facilitate person-centered assessment and care-planning and improving quality measurement and oversight.  Follow the links below for more information on the BIP program.
Approved Work Plan (link to CMS)
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