ITAM Software Purchasing Guide

All software purchase requests must be submitted through the MDH Service Desk at Below are links to the three software purchase categories. Click on the link pertaining to the appropriate software dollar amount for guidance.

Purchase Categories:

  • Obtain quotes for desired software licenses, maintenance, etc.
  • Have a requisition or other funding authorization signed by appropriate fiscal staff with vendor, product, price noted.
  • Create and submit Service Desk ticket (I want to make a purchase | software purchase | less than $5,000), attaching quote(s) and requisition/funding authorization, and completing Custom Fields.
    • If all necessary documentation is included with ticket, OIT will make purchase and notify requestor on completion.
    • If information and/or documentation is omitted, OIT will notify the requestor via the Service Desk ticket “Note” section and you will receive an email. The status of the ticket will be assigned a status of “Pending” until OIT receives the proper documentation.
  • When software licenses, keys or other confirmation is received, attach to the corresponding ticket (Details box | Add a File).  This can be done by OIT or the customer, depending on who receives the documentation.
  • OIT will charge the program for the purchase by journal entry when the appropriate CPC reconciliation is processed.
  • Upon completion, OIT will assign the ticket a status of “Resolved” and the requestor will receive a notification email from the Service Desk ticketing system.
  • If the person receiving the software does not have administrative rights to his/her computer, they must request software installation from their local IT staff.
  • To avoid delays, please be sure to reference the software purchase ticket number on the software installation ticket and/or attach the license information to the ticket so that the software can be properly installed.

  • Solicit quotes through the normal procurement process.
  • Create PO for winning bid using Purchasing Type "CX" (will be routed through OIT in approval path).
  • Submit Service Desk ticket (I want to make a purchase | software purchase | more than $5,000), noting PO # in appropriate field in Custom Fields box.
  • OIT will approve PO in ADPICS, prior to final approval and posting.
  • Following award, when software licenses, keys or other confirmation received, attach to the ticket (Details box | Add a File).  
  • Initiate solicitation for quotes through OPASS.
  • When a PO is created by OPASS, submit Service Desk ticket (I want to make a purchase | software purchase | more than $5,000), noting PO # in appropriate field in Custom Fields box.
  • OIT will monitor PO for approval and award, but will not be in the approval path.
  • Following award, when software licenses, keys or other confirmation received, attach to the ticket (Details box | Add a File).

How do I get the software installed after OIT has completed the purchase?
If you do not have administrative rights to your computer and cannot install the software, please request software installation from your local IT staff.  For users supported by OIT, please submit a new Service Desk ticket under "I need setup of equipment or an account”.  Be sure to attached the license information to the ticket when requesting an installation to avoid delays.

Must everyone within MDH comply with the ITAM Software Purchasing procedures?
No, Local Health Departments, Boards, and Commissions that have a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with OIT are exempt from the ITAM procedures and should continue to purchase software using their existing procedures.

Is hardware part of ITAM?
No, the ITAM procedures only apply to software purchases, software maintenance/support, and renewals.

Is ITAM only intended for software on personal computers?
No, all software for equipment and devices in operation throughout the Department must follow the ITAM procedures.

Is there a standard for Microsoft Office products?
Microsoft Office 365 (O365) is the MDH standard for office productivity software. O365 must be bundled with the Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) as negotiated with Microsoft and SHI and available through the State’s Microsoft master contract. The software is subscription-based with an annual cost of approximately $107.00 for O365 and $91.00 for EMS for a total of approximately $200.00 per user/subscription. One subscription may be used on up to five devices per subscriber (e.g., desktop, laptop, smartphone, plus two more). The subscription includes all updates and upgrades to ensure that users have the most current version. Please note: the subscription must be paid annually, so please be sure to budget for the recurring annual cost.

Please contact SHI at or 1-800-477-6479, ext. 5886 to obtain quotes.  When requesting quotes reference MDH's Enterprise Agreement # 8114025.

Important Note:  Local Health Departments (LHDs), Boards, and Commissions that have executed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with OIT should not reference the MDH Enterprise Agreement number listed above.  LHDs, Boards, and Commissions are not covered under the MDH Enterprise Agreement.  

What software applications are included in O365 Pro Plus?
The MDH Enterprise Agreement with Microsoft for Office 365 Pro Plus includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, Skype for Business and Access. Users can purchase Project and Visio Pro using the EA, but these are not included in the O365 Pro Plus subscription and must be purchased separately.

The cost of O365 is high, is there an alternative?
An alternative is the Google Suite which is included with each Gmail account. Users have access to Google Drive, Google Documents, Sheets, Slides, Forms and more at no additional cost. 

My program doesn’t use requisitions that are required to be attached to a ticket when requesting a purchase. What do I do?
Please use this Requisition Form.​