Philosophy/Core Values

  • ​The Finan Center offers an individual temporary refuge or sanctuary for purposes of respite, renewal, revitalization, and return to family and friends.
  • The Center's therapeutic milieu encourages empathetic understanding, mutual respect, openness, honesty, concern for the needs and respect for the rights and acceptance of others.
  • Persons who enter the Center may do so without having to sacrifice their identity, self-respect or self-esteem. They are permitted to, and are expected to, retain responsibility for themselves and for their behavior.
  • The Center is committed to the core values of compassion, respect, empathy, generosity, creativity, flexibility, perspective, humor, dedication, initiative, integrity and professionalism.
  • The entire history of the Finan Center has been characterized and guided by the following philosophy of patient care.
  • ​The Center, the staff, the patients and the treatment programs combine to create a humanistically oriented therapeutic milieu.​​