​The Thomas B. Finan Center Department of Pharmacy employs 2 full-time pharmacists contracted thru the University of Maryland School of pharmacy, along with 2 full-time pharmacy technicians to ensure that provision of pharmacy services is in alignment with applicable The Joint Commission (TJC) and CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) standards, and with OHCQ (Office of Health Care Quality), and COMAR rules and regulations.
Main pharmacy number: 301-777-2221

Pharmacy services are provided to all hospital inpatients and Willowbrook Square Assisted Living Unit residents as deemed appropriate to the individual?s level of care. Pharmacy services are not provided to individuals outside of the Center.

Pharmacy services are also provided in accordance with direction from MHA (Mental Hygiene Administration) and State MHA inpatient hospital Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee (State P&T) guidance. Provision of medications includes following provisions in the State of Maryland Mental Health Formulary maintained by the State P&T Committee. The Center maintains it?s own in-house formulary that is a subset of the State of Maryland Mental Health Formulary based upon Center need.

Examples of services provided include:

  • Provision of authorized prescriber ordered medications to patients and residents while helping to ensure formulary compliance as applicable;
  • Provision of consultation as requested by other Center staff;
  • Helping to maintain a Center Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee;
  • Helping to reconcile medications within the facility with previous medications used;
  • Helping to review all medication orders for potential allergies or sensitivities, existing or potential interactions, appropriateness of drug, dose, frequency, and route of administration, appropriate laboratory monitoring, therapeutic duplication, and other contraindications;
  • Maintenance of the Center's formulary;
  • Overseeing of medication recalls by manufacturers, wholesalers, or the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA);
  • Helping to monitor for adverse drug reactions; etc.
  • Provide leave medications to patients/residents as agreed upon with the treatment teams.​​