​The Thomas B. Finan Center's Religious Department, supervised by Chaplain Michelle White, meets all practical and spiritual needs of patients and staff alike as needed. Everything from one-on-one prayer and visitation to holding memorial services for those who have passed to religious celebrations of special events and holidays are provided.

Interfaith services to all in-patient consumers/patients, as well as family members and staff are provided. Weekly Worship Services are conducted in our Chapel every Sunday evening. The Chapel is also made available to everyone on a daily basis to yield them the opportunity to worship, pray, study or simply find a quiet moment with God as they so desire.

In addition to weekly worship services, our patients receive weekly Bible Study Groups and Praise30 Groups which entail Scripture Study and/or 30 minutes of participating with interactive worship music to start their day!

Holidays are also celebrated with religious activities to assist in patients being given the opportunity to express their faith beliefs in festive and memorable ways. Meet Me At The Flagpole Event and the National Day of Prayer Event are annually conducted with all staff and patients available to participate.

Here at The Thomas B. Finan Center, we take the spiritual well-being and growth of our patients very seriously. We strive with great pleasure to meet those needs to the highest standards possible.​