Training Coordination

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DDA personnel requesting training to be setup by DDA's professional development staff, may provide the following information in an email to the appropriate regional professional development staff.

Please download and complete the Training Coordination Form with the following information:

Training Request  

Event Details

Training Title:
Type of  Event: (Live, webinar, workshop, forum, conference, training, meeting, other)
Training Dates:
Start Time:
End Time:
Contact for Event:
Presenter's Name:
Bio or information about the presenter:
Event Objectives:
Expected or Maximum Number of Participants:
Targeted audience and/or Contact list:
Room Setup: (half-moon, theater, classroom or square)
Prerequisites for Attendees:
Desired date of posting:
What information should be collected from registrants?
Examples include names, organization, license number
Is there a closing date for registration?
Does it need posted on the DDA Training Calendar?

Equipment Requirements

Please respond yes or no.
Telephone Conference:
Sheet:
Name Tags:
Evaluation Forms:

Projected Costs

List projected costs for items such as venue, presenter fee, materials, refreshments, etc.



The regional professional development coordinator will submit your request to the statewide director of professional development for budget approval, if necessary.
The regional professional development coordinator will contact the person making the training request, with an approval or denial.
If the request is approved, the regional professional development coordinator will post the event.
Should a change in venue, location, time or cancelation occur after this event is public, please notify your regional professional development coordinator. The changes will be made to the campaign, and an email sent to anyone that is already registered as soon as possible.
Should your regional professional development coordinator be unavailable to respond in a timely manner, please contact a different regional professional coordinator or the director of professional development with your concern.   ​