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​​​​As a part of the Maryland Department of Health, the DDA submits periodic reports to state and national authorities and partners. These reports outline progress on new programs, respond to requests for information, and describe implementation of past legislation.

The DDA is responsible for three main kinds of reporting: Joint Chairmen’s Reports (JCRs), statutory reports, and voluntary reports. JCRs change each year, and are assigned at the end of each legislative session by the chairpersons of the Maryland Senate and House budget committees. Statutory reports are required by law, and do not change unless the law is amended. They may recur for a limited period of time, or recur indefinitely. Voluntary reports include any reporting which is not required by law or by the Government of Maryland.

Outside of our public reports, DDA also responds to Maryland Public Information Act requests from constituents. For more information about PIA requests, see ( or contact​